Turn boring stock photos into incredible images with PixelSquid

As technology progresses, 3D image rendering has allowed designers and artists to make incredible imagery. PixelSquid, the premier site for photoreal spinnable 3D objects, wants to put that power into everyone’s hands… literally.

Enter PixelSquid – Add 3D Objects to Your Photos.

This free app allows iOS users to experience the same PixelSquid 3D content that the professionals use.

Traditional photo stickers are fun, but can be limiting as users can’t spin them into a realistic position. 3D Objects by PixelSquid gives users a new level of control over their images. – Matt Wisdom, CEO, PixelSquid


The company believes users should be creative and not limited by tools or technology. With over five thousand spinnable 3D objects, PixelSquid makes sure of this.

Thanks to the desktop plugin, PixelSquid objects can be positioned within Photoshop and then downloaded as either a PNG or a multi-layered PSD file.

The free iOS app now allows anyone to quickly and easily manipulate photoreal 3D objects. Spin, rotate, resize, etc to your heart’s content – from your phone.

The app comes with eight free 3D content packs, each containing eight objects. From bugs and cars to hats and money, these content packs are diverse. There’s even a special FX pack that includes muzzle flashes, explosions and shattered glass.

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