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Understanding Blockchain

I have been toying with the idea of writing about the Blockchain technology for a while now. having taken the…


Blockchain & Crypto

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Digital Platform for Tax Data Analytics
Model for a Permissioned Public Digital Platform for Tax Data Analytics to Monitor Government Tax Collection and Spending.

1. Introduction This model outlines the architecture and functionality of a permissioned public digital platform…

Empowering Citizens: A Permissioned Public Digital Platform for Tax Transparency

In today's world, public trust in government financial management is paramount. Citizens deserve a clear…

Harnessing Data Modeling to Mobilize Civic Engagement: A Case Study of Kenya’s #RejectFinanceBill Protests

In the modern digital age, data modeling has become an invaluable tool for driving civic…

The Jevons Paradox: Does Efficiency Always Mean Sustainability in the Digital Age?

The digital revolution has transformed our lives, offering unprecedented connectivity and efficiency. We stand on…


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