My passion in Transportation Design

[su_quote cite=”Peter Kivuti” url=””]I know, by the Grace of God and his divine guidance i will one design my own supercar from engine,performance, sound and look. I have seen incredible people design awesome cars from porche, lamborghini, maserati, bugatti, audi, agera, marussia and my personal favorite The Mercedes Benz. When i wa growing up my dad always insisted i should learn well in school and one day drive him and mama in a mercedes, and i wanna make that vision a reality. So here i am admiring the design of two Mercedes series the Mercedes-Benz AMG Turismo and The Mercedes S Class coupe. I figure out i might be a Mercedes franchise if i get to that level, of which i hope too in the near future, something my sons will push forward with the higher and better standards in automotive engineering and transportation designs. [/su_quote]


Mercedes-Benz AMG Turismo
Mercedes -Benz S Class Coupe


kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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