Facebook at Work


Facebook is slated to launch its collaboration and social networking tool for workplaces early next year, reports WSJ.

Dubbed ‘Facebook at Work’, the tool will allow employees to work together on projects and chat in real-time via an interface similar to Facebook’s existing social network, according a person briefed on the details of this new product.

It may also be made available free of charge and without ads initially, with a view to grow the user base. Companies will need to sign up for the service in order to allow employees to use it.

We first heard about Facebook at Work just over a week ago, and it’s an interesting time indeed in the corporate communication-collaboration space: Microsoft has integrated Skype and Lync for seamless enterprise multimedia messaging, and newcomer Slack was recently valued at $1 billion. We’re going to keep an eye on things to see who comes out on top in the near future.

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