Microsoft launches Flow

After months of public testing, Microsoft has officially launched Flow, its app automation tool that rivals IFTTT and Zapier.

The service lets you connect cloud-based apps to chain multiple actions together: For example, you could set it deliver a notification in Slack when someone modifies a shared file in Dropbox, or save tweets with a specific hashtag to Google Sheets.

You can choose from any of 58 supported apps to connect and trigger actions with, including Basecamp, Facebook, OneDrive, G Suite, Instapaper and Wunderlist. Flow can be configured using its Web, iOS and Android apps.


It’s not just for individual users:

Flow also offers enterprise-wide control so companies can deploy the service across the board, and even restrict specific apps and actions by geographical area or by team.

Flow is free to use for up to 750 runs per month; paid monthly plans start at $5 per user for 4,500 runs with more frequent checks, and go up to $15 per user for 15,000 runs and access to policy settings.

Sign up to try Flow for free on this page.

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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