Intelligence of Emotions in Entrepreneurship

Have you ever been confronted by the statement, “Stop being Emotional!” well I have and its not pleasing given that when i heard this, it was always when, i tried to push for an unfairness that had occurred to me from a client of mine. A sensible entrepreneur, should have emotions and have the correct stimuli to them since, in everyday dealing you will meet with personalities who will disappoint you in a myriad of ways or elevate you. Being a service provider, it is always vital for you to create a professional path into which your client can follow in regard to the business they have brought forth.

The emotions you calculatedly incorporate in executing the tasks before you create the passion that assists you to arrive to a desired result.

Emotions offer a rich source of information about your inner and outer world. They fuel your motivation and passion and are the language that let others know that you understand and are “tuned in” to them.

Emotions contain valuable information

At the most basic level fear keeps us safe, anger clues us into injustice, sadness allows us to feel compassion for ourselves and others, disgust tells us what to avoid and joy connects us to life’s highs.

When available and integrated, our emotions alert us to problems and opportunities, connect us to others and mobilize us for action. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs. Starting your own business can be one of the most emotional times in your career.  If you are cut off from any of your emotions you block out valuable information and may miss out on important opportunities.

Leaders who are emotionally present, accept emotions in others and display emotions appropriately are seen as more trustworthy and competent during times of change and upheaval.

We need emotions to make tough decisions

Neuroscience studies show that injury to brain regions associated with emotions impairs decision-making. Starting your own business is complex and full of uncertainty. These situations call for decisions that consciously integrate reason, emotion and intuition.

Emotions are also important in morally ambiguous situations. Those churning feelings in your gut, sometimes accompanied by disgust, help us make good and moral decisions. Entrepreneurs often have to make “gut” decisions. It is critical that you tap into your emotions to make sound decisions.

Good decision making calls for emotional agility. While sadness is an important emotion, getting stuck in sadness without understanding how to shift emotional gears can lead to “myopic misery”.

Chronic fear and anxiety impacts attention, learning and memory, all of which are important factors in making strategic decisions. Likewise, the power of positive emotions allows us to broaden our perspective, inspire greatness and bounce back from adversity.

Emotions can hijack wisdom

Your emotions are connected to your memories and experiences and these connections make up your life narrative, shape your perceptions and influence your behavior. When integrated, this narrative leads to wisdom. On the other hand, emotions that seem to come out of nowhere (disconnected from reason and lurking below the waterline in our unconscious)  lead to blunders, bias, feeling stuck and poor decision making.

[su_quote cite=”Kivuti” url=””]Have you ever had a surprisingly strong and seemingly overblown emotional reaction to a situation? This has been referred to as the “amygdala hijack.” The amygdala is part of the brain system involved with processing emotions. These surprising emotions often pop up because you haven’t integrated old memories and experiences.[/su_quote]

Embracing a full range of emotions and having a coherent life narrative gives you choices and supports strategic decision making.

well this article is just as much of what I can say about Emotions,entrepreneurship and the intelligence involved. I have been running a business for sometime now and I am still growing it to get to a place set in my mind, and the challenges I face, its good to share so that maybe I could help others on this path and get new connections for better interaction.

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