WhatsApp’s new button lets you join calls directly from the group

No need to go to the call menu

WhatsApp‘s group calls have been a blessing in the pandemic to connect with friends and family. The company has introduced many features related to it, including increasing the limit to eight people.

Now the firm has rolled out a new button directly into the group chat that lets you join ongoing calls. The company said the feature is “a new spontaneous way to connect with their family and friends groups.”

You can watch the new button in action in the video below.

WhatsApp rolled out joinable calls back in July. However, you needed to go to the call menu to see ongoing calls. With this new button, you can simply head to a group and join a call. To indicate a group’s ongoing call, you’ll see a small icon on the group’s display picture in your chat window.

The app also has a new distinct ‘light’ ringtone for group calls, which will help you recognize a WhatsApp call even if you don’t have your phone in your hand.

Last week, the company rolled out one of the most requested privacy-related features: encrypted backups. 

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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