What about KayTouch Solutions COD.E?

KayTouch Solutions is a Concept Development entity focused on technology design and development.Founded in 2008, then just as a simple idea, KayTouch solutions has constantly been evaluationg and developing its core to come up with the idea of Concept Development.

[su_quote cite=”kivuti” url=”http://twitter.com/nimimikivuti”]Picking the right concept of ideas to develop is a priority and the development mechanism and structure a necessity or the concept fails which can translate to loss of market share, dissatisfied clients, money spent and time wasted.[/su_quote]

Our Guideline is in the tagline intimus,ultimus,muneris which is latin that translates to english as Intimate,Ultimate and Functional.

KayTouch Solutions Concept Development process is driven by a set of client needs and target specifications which are then converted into a set of conceptual designs and potential technological solutions. These solutions represent a description of form, working Principles and Product features. Often the concepts are accompanied by design models & experimental prototypes that assist in making final selections that are intimate, ultimate and functional.

Our Blog is mandated into sharing and interacting with KayTouch Solutions Technological interests and projects.

We are focused on informing, educating and interacting online in areas of design and development. COD.E manages initiatives focused on technology news, business and culture.

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Data Modelling, Design & Development

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