The Black Friday Rush

Black Friday is a great time of year for any business, big or small, to pique of its marketing campaign and sales. The question of whether shoppers actually find good deals depends on a lot of things. Where consumers shop, what kind of businesses they shop from, whether or not they did their research before shopping, etc.

In general, I would like to think that most businesses offer killer deals, but many major retailers balance out the great deals with many rip offs that are dressed like hot sales.

Even though Black Friday is full of false gimmicks and superficial marketing ploys, consumers still love it, so it’s a great time for small businesses to cash in.

Mobile phones have taken a key role in Black Friday as shoppers snapped up deals from their bedrooms, at the bus stop and while stuck in traffic etc – rather than heading to the high street.

Experts have warned that retailers are risking a dive into the red over the discount weekend as they slash prices and squeeze profits to win sales in a lackluster market, with the web-only sales day of Cyber Monday taking place next week.

Despite the euphoria and frenzy created with Black Friday, it is also critical for shoppers to know that cyber-threats can take a foothold on this period as everyone tries to get the best offer while comparing deals and falling for the most lucrative ones.

Black Friday sales could be targeted as “prime pickings” for cyber-crime, the UK’s cyber-security defence agency has warned shoppers. The National Cyber Security Centre, part of the GCHQ intelligence service, is issuing advice to shoppers of the risk of “malicious” online threats. It is the first such official cyber-warning in the run-up to the Christmas shopping season.

Staying safe online doesn’t require deep technical knowledge, you just need to be aware of the vulnerability of shopping blindly online especially with your credit card and your choice of checkout.

With more and more shoppers looking to get the best deals online, retailers should invest significantly in developing the right tools and expertise to protect their consumers against cyber-threats. Here I Cod.e we are constantly reviewing and publishing the best articles that allow a normal internet shopper to stay safe while shopping online and also for retailers with the tools they need in place to safeguard the integrity of a purchase/ checkout.

Below are basic steps designed to keep you safe online;

  • Install the latest software and app updates
  • Choose strong and separate passwords for accounts
  • Type in a shop’s website address rather than clicking on links in emails
  • Avoid over-sharing unnecessary information with shops, even if they ask
  • Don’t panic if you think you’ve been a victim of fraud
  • Keep an eye on bank accounts for unrecognised payments
  • Make sure all your home gadgets are secure

Happy Shopping this Black Friday!

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