Social Media Customer Service generates revenue for your Business

With a well defined social media strategy, your business can serve your clients professionally and fully via social media. Social is more and more becoming a profit center for businesses, and how  you go about it is a meticulous process of merging social interaction to revenue generation.

It’s simple…

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap]ts first about service, then the brand finally commerce, since you have to make money. In addition to solving customer service issues, social media can almost entirely manage new client request from bookings, product inquiries via Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels. In return you could offer details on their requests, provide information on pricing and if agreeable, you move ahead to provide a direct link to payment or check-out.

[su_pullquote]As soon as payment i.e credit card is processed or mobile money transacted, social agents can let clients know of the success and follow through.[/su_pullquote]

This is a result of connecting social media efforts to specific business metrics-in this case revenue.

If you want to go ahead, and target the right people in the market, social media is a great start.It is a very nice customer service channel since people feel very safe there. Furthermore the data collected on social media can be fed into a Social CRM e.g via salesforce or hubspot where it ties twitter handles or other social media data to customer records.


Your customer service agents can see the contextualized data in real-time. All this data could be used in marketing in order to personalize communications and offers.

The result is not just focused on financial gain, but to evolve your company by bringing the outside in through amazing inbound marketing strategy and tactics, letting you and your brand be more customer-centric.

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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