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We can now see in Google analytics that between 30-50% of website traffic can be attributed to mobile phones and tablets. This trend is gaining momentum and statistics are projecting by 2015 more web browsing will be done on a mobile device rather than a desktop computer.

Google has said it “highly recommends using responsive design” and suggest this will become an important part of its search engine algorithm in 2014.


Responsive website design Responsive Website Design


So what so Cool about Responsive Website Design?

Man are you kidding me….

Improve google ranking

Google is now focussing on the user experience and wants to return search results that will enhance the user experience no matter what device they use. Websites that do provide a better user experience through well written content and a well-designed user interface across multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets will take priority in searches improving their Google ranking.

Higher conversions

We can also see direct results in Google Analytics for websites that are responsive in design with a well-designed user interface enhances the user experience which keeps them on the site longer, decreases the bounce rate and increases the conversion rate. A goal we’re all trying to achieve.

Cost effective

Having a website that is responsive in design means one site for all devices. No need for a separate mobile website build saving you money. Time is another important factor here, one website to update, host, market and maintain. Saving time equals saving money.

If you need to talk tous about a new website or updating your original website to be responsive in design then contact us now and let’s chat about the possibilities.

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