President Obama Visits his Homeland Kenya.

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The President of the United States of America Barack Obama will make his first trip and visit to Kenya, the country of his father’s Birth.

According to the white house, president Obama will visit Kenya in July for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which brings together business leaders, international organizations and governments. Mr. Barack Obama has visited Kenya three times in the past including one as a a Senator, but never as president.

This visit, I am sure will holds water to matters state as far as Kenya is concerned. Economically i am sure there are areas of commerce and trade that are now more engaged and well funded to prepare for the visit of the Most Powerful man in the world to his homeland Kenya.

I am not much of a political person but there also will be implications of this and also his (president Obama) failing to visit Kenya Last year while in Africa. But he hinted along his tour that He will plan visit Kenya before the end of his term as U.S President.

It will be awesome if what you think or feel about this visit so you could comment below and we could continue with the conversation!

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