Malignant Narcissism!

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]P[/su_dropcap]sychoanalysts came up with this word ‘malignant narcissism’ when describing serial killers. Many serial killers are malignant narcissists, who seek ‘aggressive triumphs” sometimes deadly ones in order to verify their self worth!

Let me say this, malignant narcissism occurs on a spectrum, with the propensity towards evil ranging form modest to extreme proportions. I could never understand, being a simple man, which type of malignant narcissism terrorists suffer from including mostly their leaders, those who order the ‘hits’ . I put the hits in quotes since i never actually believe that they qualify to be hits or even kills since we are not in an active combat zone and the ones fighting us are doing a great job hiding and causing a pandemonium to a society (the Somali) who have live with us for so long. I mean, most of my friends are Somali. I was born and raised in eastleigh(now the most dangerous urban settlement area in Nairobi). But being as hard as it may sound i will try define this person who cocks an AK 47 goes to people worshiping in a church or an institutions with people who know not their war, and opens fire! why?

People are busy getting on with their affairs, and here comes a guy, intoxicated and inebriated by dogmas that preach death and distraction, like as if not with his own brain, removes a pin from a grenade and hurls it at a bus where non in that bus has any grudge against them. Weird!

Lets sympathize with these guys a little and try to see if we may find a morsel of reason for this archaic behavior!

These guys have some bad blood with some first world country. so what do the decide to do. They cross our borders, illegally, kill a few tourists and kidnap a disabled one just to prove a point and disappear showing us their backs and spitting their terms! weird! Man check this out, these guys violate the sanctity on a sovereign nation and expected no repercussions?

That’s why i think the leaders here are mis-informing their subjects.

[su_quote cite=”peter kivuti” url=””]These leaders wear a cloak of a personal grievance that somehow allow them to receive “permission” to plan and execute the killing of innocent people and since the targets of his violence are symbolized as unwanted or unclean elements that originate from his internal world, the terrorist does not consciously feel guilty![/su_quote]

I will urge our government not to back-down from this intimidations and push further into exterminating these vermins who are really poisoning young minds into committing atrocities well beyond their age and understanding.

This is why i blame the leaders, and I will support my Government in Operation Leader Nchi, to nab the terrorist leaders.

Terrorist Leaders have mastered a variety of techniques to recruit and indoctrinate youths for suicide bombings. whether intuitivley or through experience, they understand the natural psychology of the adolescent passage when boys leave the restrictions of their families behind to seek out new identities as members of a group, gang, sports club and so on. Typical recruits are unmarried males aged between 17-23 (or younger). scouts often choose youths who have been hurt by ethnic conflict or some kind of violence: those who have been beaten up or have lost a father or brother; those who have not successfully completed their adolescent transformation and are alienated and without much hope for the future in existing political and economic situation. The chosen youth are divided into small groups where they collectivley read the Qur’an and chant religious scriptures. Terrorists have found passages in the Qur’an to respond to the Islamic prohibition aganist suicide and killing civilians. They direct recruits to read Qur’anic verses such as “Think not of those who are slain in God’s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord” To create a mystical and religious togetherness and to instill in them a special identity, the leaders instruct the group of new followers to repeat and memorize cryptic passages such as “I will be patient until patience is worn out of patience” I want you to get that the mechanisms that pull together a football team or boy scout troop are similar to those used to create a terrorist group but now their is the secrecy.

Man if i go in i will just define you how wrong terrorist leaders use the young mind to poison it to commit atrocities we will never comprehend. My desire is to see that these acts of aggression are stopped and the perpetrators brought to justice and the shedding of blood stopped. I will never understand how this they do is in the Name of God nope. This is Plain Malignant Narcissism.

kivuti kamau

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