Fresh Ideas for your Social Media and Content Marketing

Brands today have more options for content marketing, such as investing in social media strategies, blogs, eBooks, videos, and much more. If you’re smart, you’ll know that the more ways you market your content, the better the results you want will be. This means consistently coming up with lots of content marketing ideas in order to get more engaging content out there.

[su_quote cite=”peter kivuti” url=””]Personally, I know how frustrating it can get trying to juggle on the best approach in social media and content marketing. I normally tell people that its tasking and requires strategy to get content that will connect and market you. It is one thing to get your content out there, but how do you guarantee that you got your social community participating in your engagements?[/su_quote]

I managed to snoop in the internet for some answers and here are Ideas you could put into practice.

1. Animate your Graphics

Learn to create short, punchy and funny images people will want to share again and again. Sure, you normally see these on sites known to target pre-teens and humor site lovers only, but you can use this to your advantage by aligning it with your brand. It never hurts to experiment with animated GIFs.


Don’t be afraid to engage with a competitor, or even your own employees. Pick a hot topic within your field or what your customers would be interested in, and create some fresh energy via Twitter chats or webinars. It’s a great way to get audiences involved, by having them side with one person. Don’t just stick with one debate, create a series out of it to generate more momentum.

3. Online Learning Forums

I’m not talking about publishing content on other people’s forums. I’m talking about creating your own. Just think about how much value you’ll ooze out of your company’s pores by creating one stop shop for consumers to look for online education. These can include videos, whitepapers, and even eBooks, just to name a few. Having a space like this online allows you to keep users engaged and help create brand loyalty. And isn’t that the goal? Duh!

4.Collaborate on Content With Your Audience

I’m not talking about simply using customer testimonials here. Instead, I’m referring to giving your consumers a chance to create content to help you establish your brand. Why not ask your audience to film a testimonial for you from their smart phone? Then have them send it to you so you can collaborate or add onto the content to be published? You can even think about turning
your company mission into a retro jingle, created or voted on by your consumers of course. Again, possibilities are endless.

5.Create a Web TV Series

This could be another opportunity to collaborate with your audience, such as creating title shots, or even giving them opportunities to submit scripts. Think about what your audience would be interested, and create a series around that! Stuck for ideas? Start off with a simple Q&A series, and see if you can generate more ideas that way. Or do what we did and connect with a local TV Station and create your own YouTube channel.

 6.Email Marketing

Just because it’s tried and true, does not mean you need to ignore. Got an awesome product you’re launching? Offer email subscribers a pre-launch offer they can’t resist. Or even limited time offers can breathe new life into already existing products.

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