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[su_quote cite=”Kivuti” url=””]The journey we begin after our birth is really the greatest lesson of being alive. I am impressed honestly by myself and the far I have come especially in being in love with someone who just wants the best in life for me.[/su_quote]

I feel privileged that before me i can see a future i was once skeptical and afraid to venture into but others who went before me motivates and inspires me to always be a better man! its not easy, but not hard either, its just you, embracing what you truly feel in your heart.

As i write this post, I am just from a road trip with my princess. It turned out better than i thought and most of the best advice that i was given especially with my elder sister and some of  my boys have really created confidence in me that, I really can be a part of someone whom i can share my life and all the moments in it!

Our country Kenya is beautiful. I am not really of a road trip person but my princess could virtually live on the road, there is that glow on her face when we travel and i guess that is why i love travelling with her. As a budding entrepreneur, you need some sort of balance so you remain focused on what is really important, and i must say, she gives me that balance and I am glad.

Our trip begun from Nairobi, Kenya to Kaplong then Kapkatet to visit her sister Daisy, that is Bomet county, we had a cool time over there. Its amazing how time flies, I was glad to see Daisy myself, imagine getting used to the city then you get transferred far over, my princess too moved from Nairobi to Mombasa, I admire how they cope, personally am a Nairobi Junkie so an yet to understand how they do it. Well the following day we made it to Kisii (my first time over there), then to Rongo in Migori County to visit her mum who stays over there. It was an awesome experience and I really felt appreciated. After a heavy meal, and long stories (her mum has more stories than me, so you can imagine). That night we spent at a posh cottage, which was her (princess) mum’s gift on her birthday. Then come morning, I was back here in Nairobi and on my pc.

I just felt i should share this moment because, being here now I have more energy to forge forward and focus more and also realize why i push so hard to be good at my craft.

it was nice!

Some Pictures on various moments.

My Princess at the luxury cottage in Rongo
princess cheeky sister Daisy Rocking the Vazzi Jersy!
Enroute to Rongo, Leaving Kapkatet, Daisy saw us off…
Kivuti and princess
me and princess just before we left for Rongo


kivuti kamau

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