Improve Your Reach on Facebook (INFOGRAPHIC)

Your Facebook reach is declining. So is everyone else’s. Old news. Organic reach has declined to 6%, a drop of 49% since October 2013.

But why?

There are two big reasons: Facebook has become a crowded place and there is only so much space in each person’s news feed. There are 18+ million business pages competing with yours on Facebook.

The other reason is that Facebook makes money when you pay for Facebook ads to increase reach.

This information and more is available in an infographic by QuickSprout.

So what can you do to increase your reach on Facebook? According to Lars Backstrom, a Facebook engineer, as many as 100,000 individual factors influence what content gets into your news feed. Facebook doesn’t tell us what they all are.

Priyanka Biswas of Social Media with Priyanka says that, “According to a study conducted by Locowise, the average organic reach for Facebook Pages is about 7% and this number varies depending on the total number of likes for a Page. Pages with less than 10,000 likes have an average organic reach of 11% (slightly higher). Pages with 10,000 – 99, 999 likes have an average organic reach of 6%. Pages with over 100, 000 likes have an average organic reach of 5%.”

Biswas suggest that to increase your likelihood of being seen on Facebook, you should post at non-peak times. “This theory works under the assumption that when there’s less stuff being shared online, your content is more likely to stand out,” writes Biswas. “This could be debatable, though. I say, try it out and see if it makes any difference to your organic reach!”

Biswas also suggests that you share original, behind-the-scenes photos of you and your team. “When Buffer posted 5 photos of their team’s trip to South Africa, all 5 of them reached their top 10 posts within the 2 week period,” she writes.


I found this article very intriguing and interesting, I came across it from one of the most popular blog i visit on a daily basis known as Social Media Today. Let me know how you feel about.


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