Delete yourself from the Internet!

First of all I am not kidding and a tool like this was a long way coming given the vulnerabilities that lie from online accounts which you do not use and probably have forgotten about and that they can be doors to intrude on your privacy or confidential dealings and property.

Sometimes, you feel the need of committing a digital suicide i.e. deleting yourself from the internet. For instance, before shifting to a new place, getting a new job where you don’t want people to know about your past, or you just want to cut off from the internet.

While you’re trying to delete yourself from the internet, you can’t just stop after removing your social media and email accounts. There are a plethora of accounts which you might’ve access during your internet life and don’t even remember their names. These can be various gaming websites or the online forums where you asked those secret questions about your life. is a simple website that can help you with deleting all such accounts you created. Once you’re on the website, you need to sign-in using your Google account and the website will display a list of all those online accounts which are associated with your Gmail address.

[su_box title=”NOTE” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#f7f7f5″ title_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]Keep in mind the fact that the website doesn’t equip you with a magic wand so that you can vanish all those accounts by waving your hands. After you’re done filtering the accounts you want to delete, you will have to click the delete option for each of the accounts in the delete queue.[/su_box]

Clicking the delete option will lead you to the deletion page for the respective account where you may have to sign-in to that account in order to delete it. It’s very much possible you don’t remember the password as you didn’t access the account in a while. You can try to reset the password.

The whole process is tiresome but it allows you to delete a big trace of yourself from the internet.


kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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