Turn your online store into a full-featured mobile shopping app with Highstreet

Looking to go mobile with your online store? Your site might already have a responsive design to suit phones and tablets, but it’s hard to beat native apps when it comes to performance and functionality.

That’s where Highstreet comes in. The company’s award-winning platform promises to help you create a fast, beautiful and feature-packed mobile shopping app for your store by plugging into your existing catalog and ecommerce setup.

Highstreet aims to deliver a powerful shopping app for your brand that offers customers a delightful experience, without putting an additional strain on your team to maintain it.

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Highstreet offers an amazing shopping experience wherever you customers are


On mobile, shopping should be simple and delightful. From catalog to the cart: we focus relentlessly on the tiniest details, until all friction is removed from the buying process.


Using mobile devices customers are leaning back instead of leaning forward. This calls for features and content that do not just offer great ways to search and select but also inspire.


The future of shopping is about mobile and personal experiences. That’s why Highstreet integrates with CRM and loyalty systems and offers smart features that make the experience convenient and relevant.


kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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