Top cities that nature talent and are innovation-oriented

The current cycle of globalisation, urbanisation and technological advancement is leading to a shake-up of the global urban hierarchy and creating sweeping changes to the geography of commercial real estate opportunity. In this new era of city competition, success is no longer purely about size or inherited attributes, but revolves around innovation, liveability and a city’s ability to transform and adapt to a constantly changing socio-economic landscape.

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”2″]C[/su_dropcap]overing 120 major established and emerging business hubs across the globe, the Index measures a city’s short-term socio-economic and commercial real estate momentum (over a three-year horizon) in combination with measures of ‘future-proofing’ – whether a city has the essential ingredients to ensure longer-term sustainable momentum.

In their latest research, City Momentum Index (CMI)  have identified the characteristics of the Top 20 Cities , many of which are building innovation-oriented economies and implementing transformative infrastructure and real estate projects that are contributing to their momentum and providing crucial competitive advantage.

These top scoring cities offer an environment that nurture talent and an innovation-orientated economy, according to the City Momentum Index (CMI) of innovative cities by Jones Lang LaSalle, a professional services and investment management company.

These are the 20 most successful cities in 2016:

1.            London


2.            Silicon Valley


3.            Dublin


4.            Bangalore


5.            Boston


6.            Shanghai


7.            New York


8.            Sydney


9.            Beijing


10.          San Francisco


11.          Nairobi


12.          Shenzhen


13.          Seattle


14.          Tokyo


15.          Nanjing


16.          Austin


17.          Hyderabad


18.          Melbourne


19.          Seoul


20.          Auckland



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