This Suitcase follows you around like a puppy!

The biggest innovations in suitcases in the past year or two have been focused primarily on two things: Giving travelers the ability to track the location of their suitcase, and providing a backup battery for the many modern devices travelers carry.

But one company is taking it a step further: This suitcase follows where you lead. How Cool is that? Think about it….

According to Alex Libman, co-founder and CEO of NUA Robotics (the guys behind the smart suitcase), almost any object can be smart and robotic and they want to bring robotics into everyday life.

A truly “smart” suitcase could find an eager market: Luggage company Bluesmart raised more than $2 million in crowdfunding on Indiegogo for a suitcase that can be tracked via smartphone, provides battery backup, and can tell travelers the suitcase’s weight.

The NUA Robotics suitcase is upping the bar for “smart,” though: By using an in-suitcase camera sensor as well as Bluetooth pairing through a smartphone app, the suitcase knows where its owner is, and can follow along (at least on flat surfaces).

NUA Robotics

According to Libman, they hope to have this suitcase available to consumers within a year. I think i should get one too, as a blogger and techie, sometimes i find i just need more space on my backpack and that makes it heavy, this NUA suitcase would be a savior,  what!

The technology could definitely be useful for a number of objects beyond suitcases. Libman gave the example of a shopping cart at the supermarket that would go with you around the store, eliminating the need to push it.

While pushing a shopping cart may not seem like the biggest inconvenience, the technology could prove especially useful for people with disabilities and the elderly. It could also be the convenience you never knew you needed: Who knew five years ago that pushing a button on your phone to call a car would become so popular?

So Let check out some amazing specs of this awesome piece of technology:

  • 100% Hands free, which means it literally follows you wherever you go.
  • Avoids obstacles it has proximity detection that keeps it out of harms way.
  • Charges on the go, manually recharges your battery
  • Powers your Devices, it charges your smartphone, laptop or any other device
  • Always by your side, an anti-theft alarm keeps the NUA nearby
  • Communicates with you, it sends real time data like weight and location to your smartphone.

So there goes a piece of tech that i really am looking forward to have one, what do you think about this?

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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