The Smart Ring that Saves Life

Smart, wearable technology is being pushed a notch higher everyday, as startup come up with innovative products that are smart, functional and really awesome to rock.

Nimb is the crowdsourcing security system where people come forward to help those who are in trouble. In the heart of the system there’s a personal wearable device, a ring with a panic button to send an alert to friends and family, police and private security services, people nearby or other contacts, pre-selected in the app.

Nimb is the only safety device that allows one to alert people who care and authorities of the emergency — with a touch of a thumb. The ring becomes a real life savior in situations when making a call is not possible. If something or someone holds user’s hands, sending an alert is still feasible: it takes only three seconds and can be done in complete discretion.

The Panic button is placed on the outer radius of the ring

You can easily reach the button with the thumb of the same hand and discreetly, unnoticeably, push it. You can do it even if your hands are grabbed by a stranger or otherwise somehow immobilized.


kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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