The Logo Effect


Logos are awesome business tools. Without these designs, your business would be hard to remember or relate to. That is in regard to your clients and potential customers. When i get orders for Logos, most of the time it is rushed, meaning that, I am offered a tempting amount of cash to design ‘something’ fast. Most of the time i delay, I get furious phone calls and long lectures. Well I am glad to say that all these who call with such hurry of a Logo later find the value of the ‘delay’. The Logo is how you are identified in the market. The face of your brand. Its desogn must be meticulous and well thought out to make you STAND OUT. That is what attracts your customers to you. A well Designed Logo gives your brand the vibe people want to relate and dance too.

Think of your brand’s logo like that crazy shirt. You want it to stick out in people’s minds, allowing them to recall your brand later on. Maybe it’s something unique in your logo, or something awesome your brand has done. Either way, your logo should be front of mind for your audience, and associated with your brand and product.Amanda Sibley


With this Article, Adapted from Hubspot is meant to raise more knowledge on the value of logos and logo design.

Your logo says a lot about you, and can be very powerful. Have you ever wondered why Coca Cola rarely changes their famous red logo? Or why Pepsi spent a lot of money rebranding back in 2008? What about the highest valued brand in the world? Amanda Sibley


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