The Under Construction Page!

Do you really need it?

I thought that “under construction” pages had been banished to the 90’s .So I’m going to give the same advice.Don’t use under construction pages. It’s embarassing!

I’ve noticed a few web designers have also started using a “being redesigned” page too. This is not good for PR and really is pointless.

These sorts of pages are normally finished off with a little request to “check back soon”. But nobody ever checks back soon. If parts of your site aren’t up to date, people won’t check back ever. It’s better to have a site that looks smaller and only has a few pages, than one that has loads of unfinished pages.

The few times that I have “checked back soon” on sites that have “under construction” pages, the under contruction label has never been removed and eventually the whole site ends up disappearing. I’m not the only person that has noticed this trend and people get a very bad first impression when they see these pages. People associate “under construction” pages with websites that never get off the ground and end up fading away (and the company usually going bust too).

Don’t give people that impression. Just don’t put anything up until you’ve finished it.

And anyway, your website is never finished because you should always be updating it anyway. So in theory, it’s always under construction. An under construction label just means “too lazy to finish typing this bit up”. And that’s not an impression you want to give to your potential customers.

I have been designing webpages for people in the last 10 years, there was a time that this ‘Page’ looked really cool, but with the advancement in digital media, I always have this to say to my clients in as far as web design is concerned. The website is literally a WEB, information brought together piece by piece to display information about a brand. When people knock at your door, they wanna come in and transact.

Ever heard of the Landing Page?

Basically it is the page that appears when your domain url is accessed, and this page is your ‘front door’ to your business or brand online. Recent developments have and are still trying to make these landing pages attractive enough with logical content that can introduce you to online users in a span of 3-4 seconds. So get rid of that ‘Under construction’ page and create your self a captivating landing page that will engage your potential audience as you build and develop your website.

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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