The iWatch

Ever wondered exactly how this devices will impact our day to day living? well you do not have to since even the developers need to actually figure out how the technical aspect of these wearable devices will actually fit onto our wrists and carry on the works independent of our smartphones. But one thing about this products is that they are really so cool!

Now however, Todd Hamilton, a UI designer based in San Fransico, has built on Bognor’s basic idea and come up with a concept that’s not only sexy as hell, but conceptually functional too.

Hamilton said he wanted to “retain a slim form factor like the [Nike+] FuelBand and incorporate familiar UI components from iOS 7″. The front of the device is a curved touchscreen and there’s a single Home button on the left-hand side, with two more buttons on the right-side for volume control.


 iwatch concept []

image credits Todd Hamilton

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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