“New to you” – Discover more content on your YouTube homepage

YouTube is rolling out a designated “New to you” tab on its platform after testing the feature earlier this year. The new tab is now available on the YouTube homepage across mobile, desktop and TV devices. YouTube says the feature will help users discover new creators and content beyond the recommended videos they usually see.

The new tab surfaces content that aligns with your viewing preferences from channels that you haven’t previously encountered. It’s meant to go a step further than YouTube’s Explore listings, which help users find content in specific topics, such as gaming or beauty, but doesn’t take users’ specific interests into account.

YouTube notes that “New to you” is personalized to the viewer, as it’s trying to strike a balance between content it thinks users might be interested in, along with content that is a bit different than what they’d typically watch.

“You’ve told us that you want to see new creators and new videos after you’ve caught up on your recommendations, so we hope this new option keeps things fresh, while also helping creators connect with new audiences,” YouTube outlined in a blog post.

New to you appearing on pull to refresh

On mobile, you’ll see the tab when you refresh the YouTube homepage. The company says you may also see the tab as you scroll through your feed. It’s worth noting that since the feature is personalized, it may not always be available. Additionally, you’ll need to be signed in to YouTube to see the tab.

The new feature could help creators reach new audiences by targeting those who would be most interested in their content but would not have discovered it otherwise. It could also help viewers find new content and discover new interests.

It appears that this latest feature is YouTube’s take on TikTok’s popular “For You” page, which uses a recommendation system to display suggested videos personalized for each user. The feature has largely contributed to TikTok’s success, as it helps users find more content while also helping creators get discovered. It seems that YouTube’s “New to you” feed aims to do the same thing for its users.

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