McLaren $1 million P1 “hypercar”

This million-dollar baby has no paint, but plenty of nude attitude!

At the Geneva Auto Show next month, McLaren Automotive will present a custom version of its eye-popping $1 million P1 “hypercar” prepared by its bespoke McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division, bodied entirely in carbon fiber tinted blue but with no paintwork whatsoever.

McLaren P1 Hypercar

Created to demonstrate the craftsmanship and extreme levels of personalization available to McLaren owners, the UK-built car was fashioned from one of only 375 P1’s produced.


The carbon weave was hand-laid with a bespoke “Lio Blue” tinted lacquer to achieve the unique effect, which costs about $310,000 to do.


The Geneva Motor Show will mark the first time the visual carbon fiber conversion will be seen publicly


Other key upgrades to the drop-dead gorgeous car include a gloss black finish on the wheels, and a full carbon black Alcantara interior with contrast blue stitching.


Finally a 24-carat gold exhaust heatshield was also fitted in homage to the P1’s spiritual predecessor, the legendary McLaren F1 road car. Now that’s hot.



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