How To Stop Wifi Stealing And Catch That Person

Wifi stealing is the common problem we face in our everyday life. It even happens without our knowledge. However the control is in our hand and we can stop wifi stealing using the admin panel of our wifi router.

Often we are unable to locate an uninvited user who uses our Wi-Fi. If someone uses our wifi without our knowledge, that would be termed as wifi stealing.

Whatever be the case, to be on the safer side, we must know who is using my Wi-Fi without my permission and how can we stop them

Login to your router.

Different routers support different login styles. So, I am listing a few of the logging in style, out of these, one might work for you:

  • Punch in the IP address of your router in your browser address bar directly like or
  • If the above address does not work, you can also try and it will redirect to your router admin panel.
  • Enter the administrator username and password.
  • Once you are inside the admin panel, look for menu options like ‘Connected devices’ or ‘Attached devices’.
  • If you are able to find that menu, you can see the MAC Address, IP Address and Device name of all the devices which are connected to your network.
  • If you see some extra person’s name or some extra device then they are the one who might be using your wifi without your permission. Read on to know the steps to stop wifi stealing.

How to stop someone from wifi stealing?

Once you come to a conclusion that someone else is making use of your Wi-Fi resources, you can simply change the password of your Wi-Fi to a stronger password. You can also switch off your SSID broadcast.

If you want a stricter action, you can set up a filter based on the MAC address of the devices.

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