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Ryan Leslie is an Music Artist, Techpreneur and the Founder of SuperPhone.

With platforms like Facebook and Twitter proving unreliable ways to reach fans, and the mobile generation sidestepping email, Superphone builds a bond on the most powerful piece of contact information: the phone number.

Leslie is able to follow thousands of simultaneous conversations with fans. How? With this amazing cutting edge technology that helps people create deeper interactions with their fans.

How many of your twitter or Instagram followers could you call right now?

SuperPhone allows you to own your audience by having precision data on each of your social media followers. Have a direct connection with every fan, so next time you have something to say, you can reach them directly – via text. Leverage social networks, don’t rely on them.

Here’s how Superphone works.

Celebrities and other clients can distribute a special phone number connected to their Superphone account. Any time a fan calls or texts it, or buys something on one of their online stores and fills out a form, they get a welcome message prompting them to provide some personal info. That could include location, biographical info, or any data type the client wants to segment their audience by.

Superphone creates a next-generation phone book that’s actually more of a customer relationship management tool. For now it’s a web tool but the Superphone team hopes to have native apps available in the next few weeks. The Superphone dashboard lets clients view charts and graphs of who is paying for what so they can hone in on their most important fans.


Via Twilio’s SMS service, clients can send marketing and sales messages to any cross-section of their fans. That could be everyone for a new album release or a simple thank you, ones that live in a certain city to promote a concert, or only ones who’ve spent over $100 for a special event invite or exclusive VIP opportunity. Those messages can include Shopify or other sales links where fans can store credit card info or instantly make purchases.

Awesome tech, right?

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