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KayTouch Solutions core area of operation is in concept development, code named COD.E. Our greatest aim is in advanced research in the production and development of ideas that will be easily embraced, adopted and affordable regardless of geographic location, situation, environment or socio-economic factors.

The Objective in concept development is to assist our clients from the time of idea conception or new product opportunity through the conceptual, design, production and support phases of the product/ service life cycle.

Picking the right concept of ideas to develop is a priority and the development mechanism and structure a necessity or the concept fails which can translate to loss of market share, dissatisfied clients, money spent and time wasted. KayTouch Solutions is advantaged in its ability to identify and quickly explore many presented ideas to easily formulate the correct concept likely to succeed.

COD.EIn the normal playfield of conduct of ideas and concepts, the process of bringing them to reality are easier said than done.KayTouch Concept Development process is driven by a set of client needs and target specifications which are then converted into a set of conceptual designs and potential technological solutions. These solutions represent a description of form, working Principles and Product features. Often the concepts are accompanied by industrial design models and experimental prototypes that assist in making final selections.

KayTouch Solutions collaborates with desired players and audience to generate, screen and research high-impact concepts for a new product design strategy.The concept development is a blend of skill, precision and art from an analytical eye view. Often we incorporate concept testing into a concept development engagement.

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