The iPhone 6

What could be better than a new rumour in regard to Apples latest phone release The iphone 6 which is rumored to be the biggest phone ever after iPhone 5s. I mean I am African and Totally Kenyan. Even though i might look like somekind of a nerg when it comes to gadgets, sometimes i do not just get it. This is what i mean, I use an iphone 5s and a Blackberry curve 9220 i have no reason to upgrade either, why one its damn expensive and two, i am yet to see the the full need for the upgrade though for the primary purpose of looking, trendy and ‘swagged up’ i might just upgrade me or get one for my woman !

Anyway, there is just too much going on as we wait for the release date of this new gadget from Apple who are also in the process of launching an iWatch too. i featured an article on the iwatch and in as far as wearable gadgets go, google glass is the only functional tool i can wear (‘i am yet to get one’).

Now instead of yapping too much as i collect more Data on the iphone 6 here is a video review from CNET.

kivuti kamau

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