Sony launches three bold new devices

It is clear that Sony has been incredibly busy these past few months, polishing and perfecting the trio of new devices they launched today. These beauties are elegant, sophisticated and ready for the spotlight—or a living room or office near you!

VAIO | Flip PC

Part laptop, part tablet, part viewer, the Sony VAIO | Flip PC will be there for you whenever you need it. Use it as a tablet when you are surfing the web on your couch, use it as a laptop when you have to write an email or type a paper, and use it as a viewer when you want to watch a movie on a plane. Sony added a unique 2nd hinge to the display to ensure that it would easily flip and transform as quickly as your needs.

Vaio|Flip PC

The VAIO | Flip PC is incredibly powerful as it driven by Intel’s latest fourth generation processor (up to Core i7!) and optional NVIDIA graphics. Pair that with the TRILUMINOS HD display, and you will have a fantastic time watching movies and TV shows from this beauty.

Available in 13, 14 and 15-inch models, there is sure to be a size and color (options include silver aluminum and black) that meet your needs and your personality.

VAIO Tap 11

The latest tablet from Sony is beautiful on the inside and out. It is available in white & black and packs an Intel Core processor. This tablet also features SD card reader for easy photo transfer, USB 3.0 for connecting peripheral devices, and HDMI for connectivity to TVs and projectors. Feel confident surfing the web at Starbucks on the weekend, or walking in the boardroom to nail your presentation with the Sony VAIO Tap 11 at your side.

Sony Vaio Tap 11

If you take notes by hand, or in graphic design this tablet also has Active Pen support great for apps OneNote and Illustrator alike.

VAIO Tap 21

The successor to the VAIO Tap 20, the VAIO Tap 21 is now light (an impressive 30% lighter) and sleeker than its older sibling (this one comes cased in aluminum). The freestyle stand now allows you to change the angle of your screen with one hand. Prop it upright and use it as a desktop PC, or lay it flat and play games—the choice is yours!

Sony VAIO TAP 21

The 10 point multi-touch makes this device immersive and responsive to all that your fingers can throw at it.

All three of these new devices boast NFC (Near Field Communication), which I personally find very exciting. I love this feature in my Windows Phone, and the thought of being able to now use it with Sony devices opens all sorts of photo, document, and music sharing possibilities.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this new line of Sony devices. Expect to start seeing them for sale this fall.

Posted by Peter Kivuti LED at KayTouch Solutions.

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