No pants are the Best pants

This world is an amazing place to be at, I was doing my daily rounds on blogs and came accross this one from the DailyStar  by David Trayner, it just got me off guard and figured heck, it needs to be on my blog!

The woman walks around wearing only a T-shirt, backpack and boots – and nothing from the waist down in the viral video.

But passersby appear not to notice – as she covers up her modesty with a pair of “skin tight” jeans that are literally painted on.

The cheeky beauty fools shoppers despite wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “no pants are the best pants”.



The footage shows the woman walking through shopping centres, riding escalators, crossing roads and even visiting an art gallery in Hong Kong.

But the super-realistic body paint – artist Sandra Bakker – seems to con everyone she passes.

Another model was filmed riding on a motorbike and skate board when the same stunt was copied in Berlin, Germany.





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