My Poetry is My Life

Peter Kivuti and poetryI have used poetry to discuss with myself everything that goes around me. Every emotion I have been exposed too, have in a very unique way found there way through my pencil to a blank paper. Every time i feel something is right, wrong, weird, name it, I am so compelled to put it down on paper for other to read. I often have this feeling that whatever I go through, i do not do so alone, and that this world being of almost or is it 7 billion guys, there has to be a mutual events with others.

Later This year i will publish a book which to be honest I am willing to distribute to 1000 guys for free, which will later as guided, be used to express to others through performance and recitations.


The Eyes and the Stare!

It’s the look that can scare,
A glance personal and rare,
Of an experience you cannot share,
Yet the vision is not as clear…
Because beneath the glare,
Of the amazing pair,
Is the story no one can dare,
Talk about without real care!Beyond this there is a gate to the soul,
A place clean, neat and free of foul,
Remember the calling of paul?
The slayer of Damascus?
He saw the one he was to maul,
So his eyes were opened and shut!
In a flip of the eyelids he was saul!

So the eyes again with their stare…

I looked into my eyes once,
The sight from me was like a lance…
Piercing within me and at that instance,
I knew I had this one chance,
To break the hypnotic glance,
Or stare straight to it and learn…
Of the worms in the various cans!

This one too opens her eyes,
I could see the smiles and cries,
Torrents of various moments,
Each with their sentiments,
Each with their own contents…
She needeth not say-
Of the  times she had to pray,
Nor the times she had to pay
To make up for this day!

These eyes are bright,
But he knows of a sight,
Of where darkness was alight,
With emotions up like a kite,
Above him into the skies-
The revelations to everyone on his plight,
Many times even his might,
Left him for dead in a single bite.

These eyes are windows,
Looking out
Facing in
Exposing you,
Expressing you
I one stare!

Thank you guys.

kivuti kamau

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