Kenya: Road To Brazil 2014

Brazil 2014Kenya is Known for its athletes and wild life. Everyone talk about our record smashing long distance runners and of course the Safari. If you could talk to anyone about football in Kenya, you will actually be met with very diverse and less optimistic opinions about the sport. But one thing I have noticed as a Kenyan, I am not really a futaa fan but i can assure you of this, when other people out their try to challenge us, Kenyans have a way of protecting themselves no matter how ashamed they are about particular issues like football. The Harambee stars is the Kenyan National Football Team and carries the Kenyan flag and hopes in all international soccer matches, Home and away. Now, why am I beating around this bush?

Today is Wednesday 5 2013, Kenya is playing Nigeria, Hello? you heard me Nigeria! I will not dwell on football news in Kenya, coz believe me if you are Kenyan, you know why, if not google and brew your self a cup of coffee because there is a lot to digest and share on social media. Sometime back in Nigeria, Calabar we drew 1-1 with the Super eagles this went down very well, and if you happened to be in Kenya then, you would have thought we broke down Nigeria, defeated them like 7-0 and acted their Afro-Sinema! man it was nice, that Dude Kahata, free kick was awesome, it got the ball into the Net PAP! This was  the beginning of the hash tag #SomeOneTellNIgeria you guys should follow this hash tag, currently, Kenyans are having a field day on this!

Okay first let me clarify before I proceed, I am worried but optimistic of the fact that the likes of Mariga, Oliech and Origi are missing! It might look like a scary thought but maybe after Calabar, the super eagles decided to review the replay to get a tactical advantage then they will be surprised that the midfielder Mariga and stricker Oliech are missing inplace we have Kahata and  wanyama (this guy scored aganist Barcelona aiiight! Barca oh yes, so what is Nigeria Oh! ) so we keep them fingers closed!

Halafu there is news of this Kenyan Striker Kepha Aswani who has scored seven goals for his Oman side Al Nasr. Even if Nigeria have prepared to unleash their weapons after training in USA after playing with Mexico and drawing 2-2, what they have got is fatigue ( i hope ). But a great advantage here is that  Nigeria will be without key strikers Emmanuel Emenike, Kalu Uche and Victor Moses, but i would not be too comfortable because of this two guys, midfielder John Mikel Obi and striker Ahmed Musa.

Anyway our Coach has assured us that he will end our heartach;

“We can think about qualifying for the World Cup after today, but, for us, the main target is to bring down the African champions and give local fans something to celebrate.Our fans have been behind us for many years and this is the time to give back. Therefore getting a positive result remains the most important thing for us ” Amrouche: Harambee Stars Coach.

We can only hope for the best and pray that Harambee stars sail through to victory and beat Malawi ( Oh Yes we still have hurdles to jump ) and make it to Brazil next year. This will be a very good reason for me to travel to the land of Samba and explore the magic of Brazilian foota and delicacy and of course women, aren’t they beautiful! Lazima we make it to Brazil #TeamKenya.

Wayama, Kenyan Mid Fielder!
V. Wanyama after he scored for his Celtic Club against Power House Barcelona in their clash.
Kahata Dribbles Ball Past Nigerian in Calabar ! He scored through a free kick at the match.
Kahata Dribbles Ball Past Nigerian in Calabar ! He scored through a free kick at the match.
Wanyama Getting instructions from coach Amrouche
Wanyama Getting instructions from coach Amrouche

Now we are set as I finalize on this article, its around three minutes past one, and the news are splashed with optimism about Kenya winning  their match with Nigeria today at Four. You can share your Predictions on facebook or twitter.


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