Become a Scientist with Google’s Science Journal App!

Did you ever think that you could be a scientist or you are one? Well if you don’t google has that figured out for you and has moved forward in the quest of unleashing the scientist in you through Science Journal.

The Science Journal app allows you to gather data from the world around you. It uses sensors to measure your environment, like light and sound, so you can graph your data, record your experiments, and organize your questions and ideas.

Science Journal, the app uses the sensors in your phone to measure and record data in real time, including movement, light and sound.


Of course, plenty of mobile apps can already feed you hard sensor data, but Science Journal takes a more thorough approach by allowing you to record that data into graphs and charts, as well as take and organize notes on your observations.

For example, you could add a voice note while taking measurements to help you remember specific details or variable you may have changed. You can then compare the results of your various experiments to come up with your conclusion.


Google’s also partnered with Exploratorium to sell lab kits to go along with Science Journal. These include craft materials and/or extra sensors to help supplement your data or measure variables your phone isn’t capable of. That said, Google also tells you how to assemble the materials yourself if you prefer.

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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