A Tribute to Evans Ngan’ga aka AVANO

Evans Ng'ang'a AKA Avano

It is very sad that i write this post on this blog. But it is what i feel i should do. His face has never left the view of my eyes. The passing on of Evans Ngan’ga has been hard on me so much. I keep floating into oblivion, thinking of how close his demise was to mine. If you had know this guy, as i do you would feel it beyond the normal feeling of loosing a dear one. I think now a lot about my life and the things i do on a daily basis if i will make it to the end. Like me, Avano had huge challenges and extreme responsibilities bequeathed on him yet with his wide array of gifts and talent, he managed to stay balanced strong and willing to push forward!

He so much reminds me of me, that the fact that i have no one to call when things around me are impossible. He was younger than me but wiser and open minded than anyone i know to date since my birth.

Evans was a unique artist. He was into conteporary dancing and aso a yoga instructor. Avano also traded in beadwork and i remember teaching him his first weaving techniques which i must say he embraced it overwhelmingly. The first day he asked me “Peter let me ask you, how do you make so nice beaded rings and bracelets?” well before this question, he already was designing his own neckpieces and braceletsn and from the tone of his voice, I being an artist, noticed the need of diversity in his beadwork. So under the huge tree at the middle of the Kenya National Theatre Compound, i removed my gear (I always have beads with me) and a step by step i showed him how to come up with a solid bead weave. I would like you to understand that, during this period, he got so deep into it and before we left, he already had a new craft with him. I remember this day vividly since it was also a period in my ife when i was doing my acting comeback and i was actually nursing a wound on my foot inflicted by a nail i had stepped on during a show at the KNT auditorium.

What Followed next was incessant calls form evans deep into the night when he was doing the weaving and he wanted to implement new designs that i had yet to teach him. “how do i make a turn on the pattern i want?, How do i add two colors on the design i have to get a mixed result?” these were questions i answered Evans with awe and pride. I had fancied that i make very unique bead work designs but believe me the next time we met, Avano had wares of trade !

Amazing isn’t it? Avano was a real artist and His passion to deliver his words in hi music and his mind through dance. This article i write   since its all i can do for now. I will mourn him in silence, and God Almighty had better plans for Evans, that he could sing with the angels and dance with them. I miss you Bro, i do not know how to express my loss and my reaction to your demise, but i will continue to do the bead work you So cherished. I listen to your music more often now, and daily i keep you in my prayer.

RIP bro. Pamoja kama Sembe!

Gallery Of Avano Pictures.

Evans with Friends
Avano Back Left with Friends.
Evans with Friends
Evans (left) with friends.
Evans Bead Work.
Evans Learned fast the art of designing and weaving beads. These are his creations.



Evans in his element of dance.
Evans in his dance element. He had awesome Moves.

Article By: Peter Kivuti

Brother to Evans Avano, Friend and soul mate.

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