Turn your Smartphone into a professional camera

HDFX 360  have released a super-premium line of auxiliary smartphone lenses that bring professional image quality to today’s smartphone cameras. Is that a cool thing or what?

Images produced by these lenses have been tested and found to equal or exceed the photos produced by such top makers as Leica, Nikon and Canon.

All HDFX 360 lenses are Ultra Multi Coated to enhance contrast in all light conditions allowing for great photos even indoors in low light.



“Carrying an ultra-compact, lightweight set of these lenses will give you the power of a $2400 DSLR in your pocket.”

The lenses easily mount to all smartphones – Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei and virtually any other. You don’t need any special knowledge or technical ability. Simply clip on the lens with our high-tensile strength bracket. It only takes seconds. The kit comes with THREE lenses; Fisheye — for artistic, gorgeous panoramas, a Wide Angle — for effortless selfies and indoor shots, and a Macro lens — for stunningly sharp close-ups.

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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