It is in the eyes!

Once I was very Sick, suffering from an acute case of Tuberculosis yet i did not know till when i was too weak even to go up the stairwell to my house. I could see in my girlfriends eyes the despair and fear. So much was happening too fast and very harsh. Before i went to hospital, my elder sister Catherine with her good friend Alister came to visit me at my house, they had wanted to know how i was, prelude to that day my brother-in-law had arranged I see a doctor to determine what was ‘eating’ me up, I had lost 20 kilos down to 48 kgs from 68 kgs. I am sure you can imagine the stories that went round.

When my sister looked at me, i was overwhelmed my emotions. Here in front of me is my flesh and blood who looked into my eyes after hearing my wail of continuous blubbering of my ill health and said “You are okay Peter, it is all in the eyes, and yours is not the stare of a man dying”.

I immediately believed her, and i held on to that thought, and i would keep a mirror next to me and keep looking into my eyes to understand the reason why i believed my sisters great words, I never saw what she saw, but every time i looked into my eyes i could feel her confidence fill my soul. Truly the eyes speak words our mouths can’t say.

It is all in the eyes, you can know the pain, the suffering, the despair,the hopelessness. in the eyes you can see the other side of the story, the real as it is.

kivuti kamau

Data Modelling, Design & Development

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